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Our WinesThe wines we have selected for La Villa de Mazamet are predominately from the Languedoc Roussillon’s wine region – the exception being the excellent wines from Gaillac, less than an hour north of Mazamet.

We want to present our own region’s rich variety of produce & wines and so, in putting our wine list together, we have selected wines that, for the most part, are within 80 kilometres of Mazamet - the closest AOC being Cabardès, just 35 minutes south.

In most instances, we have personally visited the vineyards to taste the wine and meet the owners - we try to buy from small-yielding producers too and, although not widely known outside of France, they represent a good selection of red, white and rosé wines.

Commencing in 2013, we are working with a family owned vineyard, Domaine Saint Hillare, on production of three "house" wines for La Villa, a sumptuous Merlot as our rouge, a Vermentino as our blanc and a Pinot Rose.

The majority of wines from this area are produced to be drunk whilst they are still relatively young, hence you will rarely see wines more than eight years old. Red wines are also more of a feature due to its climate and “terroir” that favours the red wine producing grape varieties.

We appreciate that wine is often down to personal preference – however, when we present each evening’s menu we are happy to recommend wines that, in our experience, best suit the dishes for that evening.

Asides from our wine list, we stock a wide selection of beers, wines, and spirits for your enjoyment around the pool during the day and for aperitifs before dinner.

We hope that you enjoy our wine selection!

View our 2017 wine list here.


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